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Defending Utah Companies Against Class Action Certification, in Litigation, and at Trial

A class action is a lawsuit filed against a defendant by several individual plaintiffs, on behalf of an entire group of people who share a set of alleged circumstances, damages, and/or injuries.  Common class action lawsuits involve products such as defective drugs, defective medical devices, children’s products, and vehicles.

Defending Clients in Plaintiff-Initiated Class Action Certification Proceedings

This type of litigation may be sought by plaintiff’s counsel through pleadings asking the court to certify “class action” status.  To qualify for such status, plaintiff’s counsel must successfully convince the court of a number of matters, including: there are a large number of victims; that all of the victims were injured in a similar manner; and that economy and fairness considerations justify the litigation proceeding as a class action (rather than forcing each victim to bring a separate lawsuit).

It may be highly advantageous to defendants to seek to defeat attempts at class action certification by opposing these efforts.  As a result, at the outset, we are often retained by potential class action defendants to oppose efforts for class certification.

Defending Companies in Class Action Proceedings

If class action certification is granted, we provide a vigorous defense of our clients through all stages of litigation and throughout trial.

Class actions fall within the high-stakes realm of “complex litigation” and can involve numerous parties, complex variations of law, with millions or billions of dollars at stake.  Our team of class action attorneys have the necessary experience and talent to handle these matters.

Sophisticated Class Action Management

Defending a client in a class action matter not only requires skilled and experienced counsel for the legal issues at stake, but it also requires an experienced team to manage the tremendous amount of written and electronic documents involved, as well as coordinating potentially massive discovery requests.

With every class action case, we assemble a uniquely qualified team to develop a custom strategy that ensures litigation will be handled as smoothly as possible.

Seeking Favorable Outcomes

As with litigation in general, most class action cases settle before trial. In representing and defending our clients, we work tenaciously throughout the discovery process with the objective of furthering our client’s position and seeking a favorable outcome.  If trial becomes necessary, we are always fully prepared to provide a solid defense.

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