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Appellate Lawyers for Business, Civil, Commercial, and Criminal Appeals

With an extensive appellate team, we are available to represent clients in all Utah State and Federal appellate courts. We are routinely retained by other counsel to assist in pre-trial appellate issue identification, and provide advice concerning how to properly preserve these matters.

Appellate matters require an entirely different skill set than those needed for trial.  We have a long and successful track record of representing clients in civil and criminal appeals in both state and federal courts.  Our attorneys are admitted to practice in a range of state and federal appellate courts, up to and including the United States Supreme Court. For a representative listing of appellate matters for which we have provided representation, please click here.

The Role of Appellate Courts

Appellate courts neither re-try cases nor hear new evidence.  They focus on questions of law, and not questions of facts like the trial courts.  Appellate lawyers argue issues before one judge or a group of judges who review the judgment to make sure proper procedures were followed and, based on the record created before the trial court, whether the law was accurately applied.  Appellate judges determine the outcome of all appeals.

Identifying Proper Matters for Appeal

At the end of a trial in which an adverse outcome has resulted, our role is to meticulously review the trial transcript to determine whether any prejudicial errors were committed by the court, such as failing to allow (or exclude) key evidence.  Based upon this examination and on behalf of our clients, we then file an appeal, prepare an appellate brief, and request the desired relief (such as a new trial). We also represent clients in oral arguments.

We are often retained by other attorneys to provide counsel and advice for their clients, both before, during, and after trial.  When a great deal is at stake, at the outcome of a trial, we focus on identifying appealable issues likely to arise during trial.  We then work on developing strategies to preserve such matters for appeal in the event of an adverse outcome so that trial counsel are free to focus on techniques for prevailing.

We also represent clients who achieved a successful result at trial, and help them preserve a win in the face of an appellate challenge from the opposing party.

Keeping Clients informed of Appellate Legal Developments

Through our Appellate Highlights column, which appears bimonthly in the Utah Bar Journal, we provide updates and insights in the appellate law arena.  These summaries focus on both Utah state and federal appellate matters that affect Utah residents and businesses.

We Stand Ready to Help

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